About Us

Quality affordable housing alternatives

The Dallas Home Connection (DHC) is a collaboration of select nonprofit home builders and financial institutions dedicated to providing quality affordable housing in the heart of Southern Dallas. We are dedicated to help you “Get it. Keep it”.

The Dallas Home Connection Mission: A collaboration of Community Development Corporations building vibrant neighborhoods that offer a variety of quality home choices in Southern Dallas.

New homeowners served by the DHC can proudly call Southern Dallas home as they become the face and hands of revitalization in residential areas from Pleasant Grove to South Dallas, Fair Park, Oak Cliff and West Dallas.

Our builders are connected to the community. They’re committed to creating strong, safe vibrant neighborhoods which will thrive for generations.

The Dallas Home Connection builders have been pre-selected from a list of Certified Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) certified by the city of Dallas for producing quality affordable housing.

In addition to our building partners, the Dallas Home Connection is proud to also have as partners:

  • Capital One

Access to over $20,000 in subsidies

Through federal, state and local grants, our home buyers are eligible for considerable subsidies that can bring the cost of a new home within reach. Is some cases the subsidies available can be over $20,000. We provide the education and certification needed to qualify for the maximum amount of funds available to you. The first step in qualifying, is to join our HomeBuyers Club.

The HomeBuyers Club provides:

  • Credit counseling services to clean up bad credit and qualify for a home loan
  • Education on home financing
  • Certification for federal and local housing subsidy programs
  • Assistance with closing on your new home

Assistance before, during and after the sale

Buying a home can be tough — especially for first time home buyers. The Dallas Home Connection will provide assistance before and during the sales process, but it doesn’t stop there. We will stay with you after the sale, too. You can rely on the vast resources of the Dallas Home Connection to help you become a part of your neighborhood and keep it strong.