SouthFair was incorporated on October 8, 1991, and is a 501(C) (3) non-profit corporation. SouthFair is also a certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) under the City of Dallas’ HOME Program. Its principal objective is to promote the redevelopment of the South Dallas/Fair Park community. Our key strategy is effective partnering with public and private resources to successfully launch and sustain redevelopment efforts.


The mission of SouthFair is to expand the housing and economic development opportunities for the broader South Dallas / Fair Park area, while striving to promote the stabilization of community institutions and assets.

Focus Area

The Jeffries-Meyers neighborhood is a 10-acre / 30-city block area bordered on the north by Hwy 30, Martin Luther King Blvd on the south, Central Expressway / Hwy 75 on the west and Robert. B. Cullum Street on east adjacent to Fair Park Grounds.

Contact Info

SouthFair Community Development
2610 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75215

Phone: (214) 421-1363
Fax: (214) 421-1364