UK Connections

Help selling your home in the UK for emigrating to the US

Did you know that roughly 1 in 10 British citizens, by the age of 60, consider moving abroad? And we don’t blame them! Moving abroad can give your retirement years a touch adventure and a much needed change of scene.

However, we know that it’s not just the over 60s looking to emigrate. In this unusual time, more and more people are considering what they want from life, and for some it is a new start in a new country! With jobs becoming more and more flexible, dynamic and mobile, we know that plenty of individuals are considering taking the plunge and moving abroad for work.

Moving to the United States has become more and more popular over the last few years, not least with British citizens, who share a common language but have a big enough culture difference to make the experience interesting.

Our mission

Dallas Home Connection is dedicated to providing affordable and comfortable housing in Dallas. While we can guarantee you a high quality home here, we know that sometimes people experience difficulties on the other side of the pond. What do you do if you’re all lined up with a new job and home in Dallas, but are struggling to sell your home back in the UK?

For service for UK homeowners

By coordinating with service providers in the UK like Sell House Fast, we are able to assist you with selling your UK property so that you may then, if desired, emigrate to the United States comfortably.

This service was originally developed for the benefit of British homeowners struggling to sell their property before moving to the States, however, anyone seeking assistance with selling their property should get in touch.

We are able to function openly as estate agents, yet with specialist capabilities in selling ‘hard to sell’ properties in record time. Should your property be taking time to sell, or be particularly tricky, we can almost certainly help. We will make an offer on any UK property, no matter what the issues and purchase homes with structural issues, difficult leases, Japanese knotweed infestations, or any other problem. We also tend to payout within weeks of the offer being accepted. This gives you the chance to get the funds you need to move abroad as quickly and easily as possible.

We operate very empathetically to the time pressures and costs that can accrue from moving abroad and have years of experience helping customers achieve their dreams. So, if you’re having problems selling your UK home, whether you want to sell in order to emigrate to the States, or for any other reason, get in touch with us today.