HomeBuyers Club


The HOMEBUYERS CLUB (HBC) is your fast track to homeownership. It provides the education and personal coaching necessary to turn working families into qualified homebuyers.

We not only get you in the home of your dreams, we’ll help you keep it, too. The HOMEBUYERS CLUB is here long after the sale to help you continue to make smart decisions and avoid the financial troubles and mistakes that can lead to the loss of your home.

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  • Education into the complex process of buying a home
  • Up to $20,000 in federal, state and local mortgage assistance grants
  • Credit Counseling to help you qualify for a mortgage
  • Tips on shopping for a new home
  • Training on maintaining your new home
  • Strong neighborhood associations to provide a warm, friendly, and safe environment for your family.
  • Matched savings program to help with your down payment
  • Debt reduction and consolidation coaching


The HOMEBUYERS CLUB helps first-time homebuyers learn about the home buying process through seminars, support from other first time homebuyers, and consistently reliable information. Simply put, being a part of the HOMEBUYERS CLUB means you’ll never be alone as you travel down the path to homeownership.


The HOMEBUYERS CLUB is for families facing obstacles to homeownership which cannot be fixed quickly. HBC is designed to help families take care of credit problems then save and acquire the money needed for closing costs.

You’ll get the attention you need through individual counseling with our HBC experts who can focus on the issues most important to you. These generally include topics such as budgeting, creating a savings plan, and repairing bad credit.


The HOMEBUYERS CLUB is your access to up to $20,000 in mortgage assistance and other subsidies that are available through federal, state and local programs. The HOMEBUYERS CLUB will assist you in applying for and receiving all of the available housing grants you qualify for.

For most, these grants are the difference in making the dream of home ownership come true.


The HOMEBUYERS CLUB also helps maximize your investment in your home by helping you build a stronger community in Southern Dallas.

The HOMEBUYERS CLUB connects homebuyers very early in the home buying process, because we believe bringing everyone together with all available services and community organizations builds strong, vibrant and safe neighborhoods. That makes everyone feel better about where they live and isn’t that what coming home is all about?

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