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UNIVISION RADIO Interview: How to Become a Homeowner

Jesse Banda of EDCO CDC is interviewed by Univision Radio and shares the benefits of the Dallas Home Connections’ HomeBuyers Club. [Listen to the interview…]

Mike Miles: My strategy to lift up southern Dallas schools

Here’s another reason why Southern Dallas should be on your list of neighborhoods to consider if buying a new home. Our Dallas Home Connection partners offer high-quality, energy-efficient and affordable new homes. [Read More…]

Univision, Dallas Attends HomeBuyers Club Event

Dallas Mayor Taps Assistant City Attorney To Lead GrowSouth Initiative

A veteran member of the Dallas City Attorney’s office is joining Mayor Mike Rawlings’ staff to oversee his GrowSouth initiative, Rawlings said today.
Adam McGough will replace Shawn Williams, who recently joined the Dallas Police Department as the civilian supervisor of the Community Affairs and Media Relations departments.

McGough graduated from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in 2003 and has been with the city since 2005. He most recently served as the chief of community prosecution and community court. [Read More…]

Dallas Morning News progress report on Grow South

Ever since Mayor Mike Rawlings launched his GrowSouth initiative in February 2012, it’s been clear that the going would be tough. Wide disparities between northern and southern Dallas won’t be solved easily or quickly. [Read More…]

Dallas South News Reports on Progress of Grow South

Following his election in 2011, the mayor revealed a plan to help rejuvenate South Dallas between 2012 and 2015. Several months after it’s inception, results to eliminate the area’s ‘blight’ are beginning to show. [Read More…]

Dallas Home Connection: Transforming Southern Dallas

There’s a powerful vision for Southern Dallas to become a vibrant part of our city. Where neighborhood communities are powered by organizations like the Dallas Home Connection. This group of certified community development partners is making difference, by helping hard working citizens become stable homeowners in Southern Dallas. From Pleasant Grove through East Dallas, South Dallas, Fairpark, Oak Cliff and West Dallas. [Read More…]

The Dallas Home Connection Celebrates National Homeowners Month All Year Long

June is national home ownership month, a great time to celebrate the accomplishment of being mortgage ready, especially for those who never dreamed it would be possible for them.

Those who come to the Dallas Home Connection, a nonprofit coalition of four community development organizations, are often tentative about the home buying process. Many earn a modest income but come from generations of renters and most don’t understand mortgage qualification. They often know that the same money they are paying for rent could be invested in the equity of a home. But they have no idea where to begin with this complicated process. It would be like going to court to represent one’s self in a litigation process without a lawyer.

The Dallas Home Connection takes the confusion out of the equation and provides its clients with a proven path to successful home purchase and ownership in Southern Dallas. [Read More…]

DHC Responds to Mayor Rawling’s GrowSouth Campaign

DALLAS – April, 2012 – While Mayor Rawlings’ GrowSouth campaign takes root in Dallas, community development partners in the Dallas Home Connection continue to lead strategic revitalization efforts within Southern Dallas neighborhoods. Builders of Hope, EDCO, ICDC, and SouthFair Community Development Corporations partner to share resources under the Dallas Home Connection umbrella while individually working to transform Southern Dallas communities from Pleasant Grove to West Dallas. All attended Mayor Rawlings’ presentation of the GrowSouth campaign. [Read More…]

Innercity Community Development Corporation Celebrates 25th Anniversary

DALLAS – April 5, 2012 – On April 19th, community leaders, friends and heroes will gather to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Innercity Community Development Corporation, (ICDC), the brainchild of Diane Ragsdale, a passionate champion for South Dallas. Through its work under the direction of Ragsdale, ICDC exemplifies its motto: building lives and revitalizing neighborhoods. She is proud of the ICDC highlights to be celebrated on April 19th: [Read More…]

Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Members, Community Volunteers Add Beauty and Pride

DALLAS – March, 2012 – Encouraged by the City of Dallas and supported by organizations like EDCO Community Development and TREC, neighborhood residents in Dolphin Heights are achieving their goal to clean up and beautify their Southeast Dallas community. Recently over 50 volunteers worked alongside residents to landscape the Terrell Street medians off of Dolphin Road, which for over 40 years have been bare weed patches strewn with trash. Children, teens, men and women rolled up their sleeves and cheered as delivery trucks loaded with trees, bushes, flowers, dirt and stone rolled up Terrell Street. [Read More…]

Dallas Home Connection Partner Builds a Culture of Community in West Dallas

DALLAS – March 2012 – One might wonder what a real estate developer, a pharmacist, ex-offenders and north and west Dallas residents have in common. Well, if you happened to be driving past Shaw Street in west Dallas recently you would know the answer. Because just blocks away from the Trinity River, volunteers from all walks of life were smoothing out dirt, laying sod and trimming trees; working together to restore and revitalize two houses in the community. As the morning progressed, many of the volunteers were excited to see the change in the neighborhood. [Read More…]

Norman Henry Honored by Congress for Southern Dallas Community Development

DALLAS – March 8, 2012 – Norman Henry, Executive Director of Builders of Hope CDC, and partner in the Dallas Home Connection, received the Congressional Recognition Award from the Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson last week in Dallas. [Read More…]

New Hurdle for Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

Article in Dallas South News, Thursday, March 8, 2012:New Hurdle for Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

Norm Henry with Randy Skinner at Eagle Ford

Annie Jones Evans Named Executive Director of SouthFair Community Development Corporation

DALLAS – December 2011 – Annie Jones Evans is the new Executive Director of SouthFair Community Development Corporation (SouthFair). An experienced professional with experience in nonprofit management, she originally joined SouthFair in 2004 as the Office Manager under previous director Ted Lawe. [Read More…]

Dallas Home Connection’s HomeBuyers Club appears on Univision

Mary Ann Cuellar, a Spanish speaking home buyer counselor at the Urban League of Greater Dallas, tells Univision Dallas viewers about the Dallas Home Connection. She explains the process of signing up to be a member of the organization’s Home Buyer’s Club. Members meet with instructors and counselors to become qualified to buy their own home in Southern Dallas. [Read More…]

What’s Going On Interview with Dallas Home Connection

Joycelynn Johnson of KKDA-FM interviews Norm Henry from Builders of Hope and Diane Ragsdale from Inner-City Community Development Corporation about their work with Dallas Home Connection. [Listen to the Interview…]

Four South Dallas Neighborhoods Offer Lessons in Sustainable Progress

For all the editorial space we devote to the problems in southern Dallas, it’s important to acknowledge those precious times when things go right. This newspaper sets a high bar for such acknowledgements because the southern half of our city has been all too rife with short-term, energetic fix-up efforts that wind up fizzling and dashing everyone’s hopes of permanent transformation. [Read More…] (opens in a new window at

Dallas Home Connection offers the Power of Knowledge

SouthFair Community Development Corp., a nonprofit homebuilder in the shadow of Fair Park, has properties for low- and moderate-income homebuyers and a bank willing to write mortgages. But like many other community development corporations, SouthFair is begging for the all-important third leg of this stool — a growing pool of qualified homebuyers. [Read More…] (opens in a new window at

Southern Dallas Home Ownership: Changing Mindsets and Learning to Dream

Kirk Franklin speaking at Central Dallas Ministries about the under-served community in our city, said, “THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO DREAM.” Meaning, many people in our low income population have lost hope of a fuller life experience for themselves and their children beyond day to day survival. The Dallas Home Connection’s mission is to change these long held beliefs and plant seeds of possibility for this under-served population. [Read More…] (opens in a new window at

The Dallas Home Connection Story: Making the Goal of Home Ownership a Reality

For too long, many residents in Southern Dallas have been afraid to dream, afraid of the challenges of reaching beyond a landlord to buy an affordable home of their own, afraid of playing a vital role in creating better neighborhood communities in Southern Dallas. [Read More…]

Dallas Home Connection on WFAA Channel 8 News

KSOUL Community Conversations Interview with Diane Ragsdale

Free Home Ownership Seminar (PDF)

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