Dallas Home Connection Celebrates National Homeowners Month

The Dallas Home Connection Celebrates National Homeowners Month All Year Long

June is national home ownership month, a great time to celebrate the accomplishment of being mortgage ready, especially for those who never dreamed it would be possible for them.

Those who come to the Dallas Home Connection, a nonprofit coalition of four community development organizations, are often tentative about the home buying process. Many earn a modest income but come from generations of renters and most don’t understand mortgage qualification. They often know that the same money they are paying for rent could be invested in the equity of a home. But they have no idea where to begin with this complicated process. It would be like going to court to represent one’s self in a litigation process without a lawyer.

The Dallas Home Connection takes the confusion out of the equation and provides its clients with a proven path to successful home purchase and ownership in Southern Dallas. The path is aptly called, “Get it. Keep it.” It begins with education about pre-mortgage qualification, and continues with one-to-one mentorship throughout the term of ownership. The program provides buyers for in-fill homes in redeveloped areas of Southern Dallas which brings more tax dollars and stability to its communities.

What Dallas Home Connection clients learn is that owning a home is the first step to an investment in their future as well as the community which benefits from strong homeowners.

Homeowner Facts

In communities where the Dallas Home Connection works research shows that:

  • Crime drops an average of 32%
  • Children of homeowners are 20% more likely to graduate from high school
  • Children of homeowners are 116% more likely to graduate from college than children of renters
  • 59% of children of homeowners are more likely to own a home of their own

Success Stories in Southern Dallas

Deborah began taking classes provided by the Dallas Home Connection. She participated in a comprehensive evaluation of her personal financial situation, including her income and monthly budget to determine her ability to make an affordable monthly mortgage payment. She learned that for what she paid to rent an old duplex unit, she could buy a new, energy efficient home. Her excitement that she would have something of financial value to leave to her daughter inspired her to continue taking classes until she qualified for the right kind of loan for her budget.

Like Deborah, Annette was able to purchase a 3-bedroom home in Southern Dallas through the Dallas Home Connection. As her monthly savings built up she started her own interior decorating business out of her home as a supplement to her bank job. She actively participates in the Dolphin Heights neighborhood association, lending her voice in determining the direction of her community.

Calvin Brown III, and Latrina Berry, parents of two toddler girls, were able to participate in a lease to own program which was another pathway offered by the Dallas Home Connection. In less than 18 months, they will have been able to convert that rent money into a down payment and purchase their home.

For the Dallas Home Connection partners, it’s about more than building homes for those earning a modest income. It’s about creating pathways to stronger families, communities, and futures.

The Dallas Home Connection partners include the following Southern Dallas Community Development Organizations: Builders of Hope, EDCO, ICDC, and South Fair. For more information, visit www.dallashomeconnection.org.

Media Contact:
Christine Volkmer