Dallas Home Connection Partner Builds a Culture of Community in West Dallas

Builders of Hope CDC and Volunteers Restore Neighborhoods, Build Lives

DALLAS – March 2012 – One might wonder what a real estate developer, a pharmacist, ex-offenders and north and west Dallas residents have in common. Well, if you happened to be driving past Shaw Street in west Dallas recently you would know the answer. Because just blocks away from the Trinity River, volunteers from all walks of life were smoothing out dirt, laying sod and trimming trees; working together to restore and revitalize two houses in the community. As the morning progressed, many of the volunteers were excited to see the change in the neighborhood.

Builders of Hope Saturday Volunteer Day

First time Builders of Hope workday volunteer Chris Murphy said he gained several benefits from coming out to volunteer that Saturday morning. “It’s an opportunity to get involved in the community,” Murphy said. “A lot of us sit behind computers all day, and to actually get your hands dirty with the people that live down here is a good feeling. It’s a great way to spend your Saturday morning.” Long-time Builders of Hope volunteer Lawrence Henry shared a similar view. “At the end of the day, I walked away with a good feeling, knowing that we did something for the community,” said Henry. “We need people to serve and give back, and that’s what we’re doing. We are here to serve snd not be served.”

Builders of Hope CDC are not only building affordable homes. They are also changing the lives of young men in the community; teaching them to be Godly men and change agents in the west Dallas area. Builders of Hope strives to make a difference in the community and thrives on positive change. Overall the sentiment on that Saturday was about individuals coming together for a bigger purpose. And in the end, everyone helped or touched someone. When all is said and done, the volunteers came out because they wanted to give back and show their love for other people. In doing so, they ended up receiving much more than they gave. When I think about the people who pitched in, working as a team, I am hopeful that this day will be one that inspires a tradition of more service from DFW residents in the future.

About Builders of Hope

Builders of Hope CDC is a Community Housing Development Organization with the City of Dallas and a non-profit, tax exempt corporation that delivers quality affordable housing to stimulate the revitalization of west Dallas and develop a safe and healthy community.