Dallas Home Connection: Transforming Southern Dallas

Video Transcript

There’s a powerful vision for Southern Dallas to become a vibrant part of our city. Where neighborhood communities are powered by organizations like the Dallas Home Connection. This group of certified community development partners is making difference, by helping hard working citizens become stable homeowners in Southern Dallas. From Pleasant Grove through East Dallas, South Dallas, Fairpark, Oak Cliff and West Dallas.

Norman Henry: My family early on, we have a large family that would move around a lot and we moved from apartment to apartment in overcrowded conditions. My parents had an opportunity to buy a home, and I got a chance to experience home ownership in a safe, caring neighborhood and it changed my life. It gave me a new vision. It gave me something to look forward to. And my education of grace and opportunity started to get better. So home ownership made a difference in my life.

Announcer: The Dallas Home Connection provides a free home buyers club, for members who earn a modest income, learn what it takes to get a home and keep it. Financial literacy classes, credit counseling and mentoring help members overcome barriers to mortgage qualification. Often they become their families first generation to build wealth through home ownership.

Gerald Carlton: We have families that have spent 15, 20 years renting an apartment and all of the sudden they realize that for the same amount or maybe even less, they could be buying a home, having an investment that will continue to grow and they will have the opportunity to pass it on to their children.

Deborah Rideau: I’ve been renting. I staying in a duplex right now, and the high monthly rent a nine hundred and some dollars. I said Oh, my goodness. This is never going to be mine. I need to get a home to leave to my daughter.

Announcer: Deborah signed up for the free home buyers club and was quickly mortgage ready. The process is highly vetted to ensure members get the right loan at the right time. Dallas Home Connection homeowners have less than a 2% foreclosure rate.

Deborah Rideau: I’m fit to be a homeowner. Yes, I am.

Norman Henry: We’re working together to create communities of hope. Community places where families can live in a quality home. Places where children can feel safe. Places where businesses want to relocate. And this whole campaign that we’re working on, is a comprehensive approach to community development that involves segments of our society.

Announcer: Revitalization is not just about building houses. Strong leadership is key to successful communities in Southern Dallas.

Gerald Carlton: We have the privilege in one of our communities of working with a Homeowners Association, very well organized. They have a community garden. They have a community park, playground for the children. They have a community center. They are working together to make sure that community improves. The policeman that covers that area, got up to give his report, and he said I have no report. For the last 90 days we have not had one criminal incident in this community.

Pastor George King, Jr.: They can’t just put up houses and stores and apartments and all these kind of things, and walk away. It takes people who live in the community to have a focus that, unless they are part of the answer, they are part of the problem.

Announcer: As part of the answer, Pastor King donated his church’s land in Dolphin Heights, to make way for a Senior Citizens Assisted Living complex.

Diane Ragsdale: And it’s also very important in the heart of disenfranchised communities to inspire people to become active through community organizing and as a part of what just move into us. It helps people to feel good about where they live.

Announcer: Ultimately, success in Southern Dallas means addressing critical areas of need. Grocery stores, financial investment, new businesses, employment opportunities, and mortgage assistance.

Norman Henry: We’re working together to rebuild our communities in a holistic way. Both economically and socially. When those two forces come together, we will have a powerful engine of change in Dallas.

Annie Jones-Evans: Now is the time to invest in South Dallas because we have strong non-profits in the area, that are geared up and ready to go. I also see tree line streets, sidewalks, bright lights, just a pedestrian friendly atmosphere, for people to gather, live and work. The people there, once you get to know them, I think you’ll fall in love with them.

Deborah Rideau: In the neighborhood that I picked in Southern Dallas, I tell my daughter we’re going to grow this neighborhood. And Southern Dallas will be a great place to call home.

Announcer: This video was made possible by the generosity of Capital One Bank, a Dallas Home Connection partner since 2009. For more information, visit DallasHomeConnection.org.